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The only miracle you will see is the same one that happened to the great Godly cowboy Jonah. I will spend three days and nights in the belly of the earth. That city listened to him and turned to God. She listened to him and believed. Now one greater and wiser than Solomon is standing here and you still refuse to believe. They end up worse than when they started. They want to talk to you. Leave a comment on the website that supports the SCV. By leaving a comment, you are authorizing the use of your name and comment free of charge for this book.

This Cowboy version translates it into a language that can be understood by someone who really needs it. Now what can be better than that? The Cowboy version translates so easily understandable that a child could understand. Looking forward to getting my copy and hoping that one day there will be a complete Cowboy Bible. SCV has done that with a flair that is permeated in the Western Heritage language, something all can understand man woman or child.

God Bless Kevin Weatherby and his work! You make the bible come alive. Thanks for all that you do and God Bless! By integrating the cowboy lifestyle and language, CCM has successfully made Scripture relevant to a new generations of outlaws in need of a Trail Boss. By integrating the cowboy lifestyle and language, CCM has successfully made Scripture relevant to a new generation of outlaws in need of a Trail Boss.

The Simplified Cowboy Version is as simple as that, simple and cowboy. I beleive the SCV will help open their eyes and lead more cowboys to the greener pastures. Call it a cowboy concordance. Cory Johnson — Waller, TX. It is truly a blessing to have the Simplfied Cowboy Version. Kevin Weatherby and Campfire Cowboy Ministries!! I just want to say that I think you have done a great job with this version, keep up the good work. I wholeheartedly agree in hoping there will be a complete Simplified Cowboy Version published.

It is such a joy to read the verses in terms we can all understand and relate to our daily lives. No cattle guard going to keep me away from this Good Book! We translate the Bible into all kinds of languages for the mission field, why not this one? You asked for input. Two ideas come mind for verse 34 and How can a cave stuffed full of snakes have anything good come out of it?

In the same way, whatever is in your heart will spill up and out of your mouth. Seems like demons and sin are two different things, though I know one attracts the other. I know the Holy Spirit will guide. When my brother was killed I was in a deep hole. The horses were supporting me, standing there, and stood there with me while I cried my heart out. I will never forget that day. Months later I was going through my brothers stuff and came across a Cowboys Bible.

My brother was a pro rodeo boy and someone must have given him this Bible. As I looked through it he had underlined and written notes all in the book. I came back to Christ because of this Bible and my life was never the same again. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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Thank you for the SCV, it brings things to light in a language that is easier to relate too and understand. A big thank you to you and Christie for coming to our county, sharing all you have shared, and doing all you do, we love you! I absolutely love it. Shealtiel was Zerubbabel s daddy. Abiud was Eliakim s daddy. Eliakim was Azor s daddy. Zadok was Akim s daddy.

Akim was Eliud s daddy. Eleazar was Matthan s daddy. Matthan was Jacob s daddy.

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Mary gave birth to Jesus, who is called the Saving Hero. Then there was another fourteen from David till the time the Jews were taken captive to Babylon, and fourteen from the captivity in Babylon until the Christ. Joseph had been honorable towards Mary and she was unspoiled. But before they could get hitched, Mary became pregnant through the power of the Holy Ghost. Seems her baby wasn t by any human, but conceived by the Holy Ghost. Be sure and call him Jesus, cause he s gonna end up savin everyone from their sins.

Gospel of Matthew: Simplified Cowboy Version

In verses , God worked through all sorts of different people to bring Jesus into the world David was a king, Rahab was a hooker, Ram was just a regular guy. Given that God used a king, a hooker and a regular guy, do you think he could use you? When you find out about someone s dirty laundry, do you say a prayer for them or do you talk about it at the cow sale? In verses , while gettin hitched to a pregnant gal could have made him look like a fool, Joseph did what God wanted him to do. Have you done what God wants you to do, even when other people thought it was crazy?

We seen a bright light from way over yonder and we have come to hit a knee before him. He gathered up every person that worked around there that had a lick of sense and asked em where the Christ was to be born. From you will come a cowboy that will gather all of the herd together and take care of em. Then Herod asked those strangers when the bright light had appeared in the sky. Herod wanted to come and grab a knee with his hat in his hands right along with them. Then they went to their saddlebags and brought out some sure enough nice gifts for the baby. An angel had told them to take another trail and strike a long trot back to where they d come from.

The Getaway 13 After the strangers had lit out, an angel came to Joseph while he was dreamin. Saddle up, the angel told him, ride hard for Egypt and hunker down there until I tell you it s safe. Herod s gonna start killin all the kids and he s hopin Jesus is one of em. In verses , the three wise men strangers came looking for Jesus with gifts to give him, rather than expecting Jesus to give something to them.

Do you come to Jesus asking what he can do for you or what you can do for him? In verse 11, the wise men strangers gave Jesus gold, incense and spice, which were the best things they had to offer. When you give things to Christ your attention, your time, your efforts is it the best you have to offer? This fulfilled a long ago sayin that said: My Son s gonna come out of Egypt when I call for him. He gave orders to slaughter all the boys in the territory that were two years old or younger.

That s the age the strangers had reckoned Jesus to be. Rachel will cry for her kids and won t take to any comfortin by anyone because they are all gone. Headin Home 19 When Herod was dead, an angel once again came to Joseph in a dream and 20 told him, Light out for home. Take Jesus and his momma back. The danger has passed on by. Another dream had warned him, so he detoured into Galilee territory, 23 and made permanent camp in a place called Nazareth. Once again, this made true the old saying: He s gonna be called a Nazarene. The dry country will have a voice, Blaze a trail for the Lord and make it true and straight.

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John s duds were made out of animal hair, and his belt was made of good leather. He made meals out of locusts with wild honey for dessert. Do you know cowboys who are afraid that ridin for Jesus will mean giving up something they think is valuable? In verses , John the Baptist told people to turn to God so God would forgive their sins which meant John was inviting sinful, messed-up, dirty outlaws to meet God.

Have you ever thought you had to get spit-shined before you could meet God? When John saw the real religious folks ride over the hill followed by a bunch of no-account politicians, he hollered at them: You den of rattlesnakes!! Who told you to ride as fast as you could from the comin anger? God can make these rocks become Abraham s children if that s what he wants to do. It don t mean nothin. If you don t change the way you live your lives, your tree will end up in the BBQ pit.

But there s a cowboy comin who s boots I ain t fit for carrying.

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He s gonna dunk you with the Holy Ghost and flame. This useless trash will be thrown in the fire that can t go out. I need to be dunked by you. This is the way we re gonna do it so everything will be made right with God.

Simplified Cowboy Version

John shook his head in disbelief but agreed to do it Jesus way. The Spirit of God came out of that gate in the form of a dove and landed on Jesus. I am pleased with everything that he is. What are you waitin on? Jesus said, Man don t live on just bread, but on every word that comes out of God s mouth. Cause it s written that: God s angels are gonna look out for you. They won t let a scratch of harm come to you. Jesus answered and said, It s also said: Don t be a fool and try to test God.

I ll swap you everything you see below us if you ll take off your hat and call me boss. It s written that we are to Only bow down and call God the boss; him and him only. They were gatherin some cattle and puttin em in some pens. I ll make In verse 8, John told people to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk meaning they should not just say good things but actually do good things.

Have you known people who only say the right things, but don t do the right things? In verse 13, Jesus was baptized, even though he never sinned, as an example for the rest of us to be baptized. Have you known people who said they followed God but thought they didn t need to be dunked? Do you think Satan has tempted you to stop you from God s purpose for your life? Also in verses , Satan tempted Jesus when he was plum give out when Jesus was alone, hungry and tired during his time in the desert.

The next time you are feeling weaker than a newborn calf, will you watch out for Satan to tempt you? Get your full copy today by clicking here. Every sale goes to helping spread the Word of God to cowboys and cowgirls all over the world. Special pricing for churches and other ministries. Contact Save the Cowboy today:.

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  7. God s story through the ages begins with an expression of His power as He created all that is. Creation turned away and in this. The goodness of God leads us to repentance. God has a calling on the lives of every one of His children! About 12 actors and actresses: We are told, the Child. Now we have come to a new section of the Bible, the major prophets. Use these devotions, activities, and connection questions to help your family rest in the love, peace, joy, and hope that only Jesus can bring. He prayed for Himself, His disciples, and for future believers. He also taught about prayer.

    Prayer is our way of communicating with God whenever we want. Change Cycle Change often involves a process. The Bible describes five significant stages of change that are important to understand. Wrapping paper samples, small twig with branches, cotton, small stone,. Have you thought of the reality of the judgment day? Judgment day is a real day! Judgment day is a. Edward Hughes Illustrated by: Bible for Children www. Manger Mania A musical by Raymond J.

    For conditions, see details at the foot. International Standard Book number: The bible says in 1 John 4: What was the worst thing that happened this last week? If you re like the average. Grandma s Living Room The only props will. Every worldview answers the questions of Creation, Fall, and Redemption.

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    In other words, every worldview asks the questions: Name the four gospels a. Mathew, Mark, Luke and Paul b. Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians c. Mathew, Mark, Luke and John d. Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of. Whiplash 1 Matthew The process is the same when based on biblical truth Note: All Bible scripture is written in Italics. Recovering in God s Timing One of the first messages Jesus delivered after.

    He made everything that is, including you, and loves you with an everlasting love. She had put it aside, one cent and then another and then another, in her careful buying. Grab a few crayons and a couple pieces of paper. Jesus Interprets the Scriptures Mark Sharon Snapp-Kolas, preaching Scripture. Some people seem to know the Bible really well.

    You know who I m. The reasons for the Bible study. Everyone is on a spiritual journey. To help evaluate where. Have you ever wondered why the Bible was written and given to man?

    Was it simply to give us a sketch of history? Why then all the history about one nation--the nation of Israel? Why all the chronologies. The Christmas story mentions two groups of visitors to the holy family in Bethlehem. Jackie Stoneman Paul begins this chapter by reminding the Ephesians that he is in fact a prisoner. Because he has been preaching to the Gospel especially. Time Management Ephesians 5: I want us to focus our attention today on this phrase in verse 16, where Paul tells us to make the best use of the time.

    I realize that this. They turn in different directions. They are broken into small pieces called places. Being a Good Steward And how from infancy you have known the holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. All Scripture is God-breathed. L INA lived away in that land of the East.

    Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me; I once was lost, but now I m found; was blind, but now. Pray for your students and. Session 1 In this first session of the course, we will look at some background information about this fascinating book.

    It is a book of amazing diversity: Baptized Christians should be buried from the Church. We begin in the name of the Father. Christian Hospitality Hebrews We re looking today at our core value of being a welcoming community. The Bible often refers to this by use of the word hospitality. Baby Jesus Is Born. I love you, O Lord.

    By the end of. Each Bible verse begins with a name and two numbers. The name tells you the Bible book where you find the verse. The first number is the chapter number. The second number is the verse. Shepherding School Notes As you put a found sheep upon your shoulders, you need to lead them to a full understanding of the following subjects within the first month of your contact with them.

    What is God s plan purpose for you?