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Its anti-establishment stance was appealing to young and politically marginalized South Africans. This was evident when poet Mzwakhe Mbuli 's unadvertised Change is Pain went gold after the apartheid regime banned possession and distribution of the album. The label helped establish boerepunk and the alternative Afrikaans genre at a time when it was a reflex to stereotype all Afrikaners as supporters of the National Party.

One Shifty Santa by Linda Palmer

Operating from a caravan hitched to a Ford V6 truck, the Shifty studio produced an album every two months until The amnesty application does not apply to other artists, appearing with Lucey, or released on the Shifty label. Erasmus claims in his biography to have waged a total war against the music industry. He is also one of Lucey's biggest fans, having confiscated most of his albums from record stores. He lambasted the skyr tub till the lid on it broke. Then he stood there gobbling - his greed was well known - until, about to burst, he would bleat, howl and groan.

The ninth was Sausage Swiper, a shifty pilferer. He climbed up to the rafters and raided food from there. Sitting on a crossbeam in soot and in smoke, he fed himself on sausage fit for gentlefolk. The tenth was Window Peeper, a weird little twit, who stepped up to the window and stole a peek through it. And whatever was inside to which his eye was drawn, he most likely attempted to take later on.

Eleventh was Door Sniffer, a doltish lad and gross. He never got a cold, yet had a huge, sensitive nose. He caught the scent of lace bread while leagues away still and ran toward it weightless as wind over dale and hill.

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Meat Hook, the twelfth one, his talent would display as soon as he arrived on Saint Thorlak's Day. He snagged himself a morsel of meet of any sort, although his hook at times was a tiny bit short. He trailed after the little ones who, like happy sprites, ran about the farm with their fine tallow lights. Despite his reputation, Candle Stealer was recently voted the favourite of all the Yule lads in Iceland. Even though he steals candles to eat them, he seems to be the most generous of the bunch. This might have something to do with him arriving last, on the morning of Christmas Eve.

She likes to eat children that do not behave.

Linda Palmer

The accounts of her uglyness are numerous, she is often described with many tails, horns hooves, many heads and so on. Only the well-behaved Yule Lads are allowed near children. They have many brothers and sisters who are more aggressive, such as Lungnaslettir Lung Flapper.

He walks around with wet sheep lungs and hits those who get in his way. The oldest stories of the Yule Lads come from East Iceland.

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Back then they were not nice at all. Things like this have been going on forever, and were especially prominent during the enlightenment, but I'm not gonna get into that because there's only so much Wikipedia paraphrasing one idiot can do. Anyways, there's a point to be made here.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that some time in the 90's, some human performed a kickflip and decided to slightly tweak that shit. At this moment something great happened, and thus the shifty flip was born. Why go through the trouble of inventing a new trick when you could just do one you already know how to do, but slightly differently? It's a simple concept, really. So simple in fact, that I've began to develop a theory of my own on the origins of this remixed maneuver. The shifty flip has been there all along.

See a Problem?

Much like how Jack Torrance has always been the caretaker of The Overlook Hotel, the shifty flip has always been a skateboard trick. It just took some experimenting, and a few pros with exceptional kickflips to discover this one and reveal it for the whole world to marvel at. Lets take a look at some of skateboarding's most monumental shifty flips, brought to light by those brave enough to question the unknown, and brilliant enough to crack the code. It isn't a discussion about style if Dylan's name doesn't get brought up. In what I guess should be referred to as his 'self-titled', one of Dylan's opening clips is an enormous shifty flip launched at a height potentially taller than the man himself.

One Shifty Santa

Say anything you want about Dylan freedomofspeech , but the boy can shifty flip. We've revisited topics related to The Firm's 'Can't Stop' multiple times here, and Matt's shifty flip is no exception. Matt Beach can make any trick look good, see fakie varial heelflip into LA river banks at laughably high speed so it's a no-brainer that he was able to make a trick that looks good no matter what, look even better. If you told me he was just walking by the spot that night, stumbled upon the generator session, used Jani's board, and did that shit first try, I'd believe you.

How many times are we gonna go over this? You're making people look like assholes out here. Especially with this shifty flip bullshit you've got going on in your Bon Appetit part.

Feisty Pets - Christmas Bear From ThinkGeek

There are many examples to offer when discussing the Reyn-Reyn shifty flip, but the man who supposedly edits all of his own parts put together a highlight reel of his expertise in this field, smack dab in the middle of his iconic This is Skateboarding part. I mean, I know the switch shifty isn't a shifty flip, but it may as fucking well be.