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The House of New Beginnings

Feb 22, Vanya Says So rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Ever go for a walk and look at the lit up windows of the houses you walk past and wonder who lives there and what does their life look like? In this story we follow the the lives of three women, all living at Number 11, Dukes Square. There is Charlotte Ever go for a walk and look at the lit up windows of the houses you walk past and wonder who lives there and what does their life look like? There is Charlotte who is a lonely recluse, hiding from the world following a devastating loss in her past.

She has moved to Brighton in the hope of a new start away from her terrible memories of the past Then there is Georgie who has moved to the city following her childhood sweethearts promotion to manage a big account as a lead architect and further his career. And finally there is Rosa who has run away from London in an attempt to escape a bad relationship and try to follow her dreams of becoming a sous chef. This book had such potential to address personal growth, self empowerment and girl power, but to me it fell short of driving a message or making any impact.

I felt the story was simply just vanilla. I hated Georgie because her whole world revolved around Simon, her boyfriend. Even when she shows initiative, taking a leap out of her comfort zone to get a great job, writing for a local publication, she is forever tying to either involve Simon in it or is scared to tell him about it. Meanwhile Simon only cares about him self and how he looks and what he wants. Then she finally gets an opportunity to stand her ground and do something for her self, but instead she plays the victim card again, and is left picking up the pieces after Simon leaves her.

Instead of being enraged and angry, Georgie spends her time crying over him. At fist I was angry for her and then I was angry with her!! Stand up for your self girl! I will save you a rant as to why I disliked each individual character, but I was disappointed to see that each of them needed a man in their life to make them happy.

None of the girls found them self, in the end they only found the man that make them feel complete…. Instead I would have preferred to have read how each character had truly faced her demons, had learned something from them and had chosen the life path of fulfilment.

In a large, elegant yet imposing Victorian house in the seaside town of Brighton, England, several women live in hiding: Recent arrivals, it is months before they even meet the people living in the other flats. Yet when they do, they rediscover much that they had lost: Georgie has followed her partner, architect Simon, to Brighton to avoid a six-month separ In a large, elegant yet imposing Victorian house in the seaside town of Brighton, England, several women live in hiding: Georgie has followed her partner, architect Simon, to Brighton to avoid a six-month separation - not that he was super interested in her decision, either way.

But having quit her librarian job and rented out their house to a couple of teachers, she's here in Brighton with high hopes and plenty of enthusiasm. With no job and a tense, stressed boyfriend dealing with protesters to the new hotel development, and a sense of impending strife, Georgie embarks on a new career: She wouldn't have been able to predict that this would put her in direct conflict with Simon, especially when she's sent to interview the protesters and comes to take their side. Across the hall, Charlotte lives alone, hiding from everything and everyone.

Having lost her baby, Kate, a week after her birth, Charlotte has made little attempt to do anything but indulge in her grief.

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Her ex-husband has moved on, but after being accused of trying to snatch another woman's baby, Charlotte transferred to the Brighton office of her legal firm, where everyone is much too friendly and involved than she'd like. When the company decides that its employees will take part in a community outreach program, connecting to the elderly, Charlotte has an idea that will help her stay within her comfort zone: She doesn't reckon, though, on Margot's force of nature. On the ground floor lives Rosa, who left her London job and all her friends behind to escape to Brighton when she discovered the truth about her too-good-to-be-true boyfriend, Max.

She's turned instead to her personal love of cooking and, having taken an intensive six-month course, is now working as sous chef at the local hotel. Work, home, work again: These Brighton months will change these women's lives forever, as old relationships are mended and new ones forged. The House of New Beginnings is a well-written exploration of the grief and pain experienced by these women, which takes many forms and with diverse causes. Each of the main characters - Georgie, Rosa and Charlotte - are captured with a subtle shift in narrative voice, or tone: Chapters alternate between the different storylines, connecting and overlapping at different points, and while sometimes the sense of time became a bit too vague, the pace is swift and smooth and the story engaging.

Usually, I come away from a book like this with a favourite character, but there are such lovable qualities to all three women - and Margot, the dying Frenchwoman with her 'harem' of handsome young studs across town - that I could not possibly pick one. It is light on the romance front - The House of New Beginnings is about individuals forging new relationships and dealing with painful memories and difficult situations, as a kind of mature coming-of-age story - but there is love in each woman's happily-ever-after.

While I didn't find it a particularly thought-provoking novel, nor one that offered any new or fresh perspectives on these themes, the gentle, empathetic way Diamond handles each of her female characters helped make them endearing, believable and sympathetic. It touches very lightly on a social justice issue, relating to women's rights, and on gender roles - not enough to satisfy this reader, but enough to give it an edge. It is, primarily, a story of overcoming loss and developing an inner strength, and in that sense it is a very successful one. My thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book.

Sep 04, Jenny E. Apr 13, Lydia Bailey rated it really liked it. Not my favourite of hers but still really enjoyable without being TOO cheesy. A new Lucy Diamond book — how long have I waited for this? It was nice to finally be back in the comfort of one of her books! In the House of New Beginnings we meet several women who are all hiding from something whether it be love, bereavement and lies.

Rosa is a kitchen assistant in a hotel. When she found out that he was married with a wife and kids Rosa moved to Brighton to be by herself. Her only passion now is cooking. Georgie lives with Simon. They are both originally from Yorkshire, but Georgie has followed architect Simon down to Brighton after he was awarded a big contract to build a hotel. Charlotte has moved to Brighton from Reading. Her marriage has broken up after a devastating loss.

Add to the mixture Jo and her daughter Bea and Margot, the elderly French lady who lives in the top floor flat. None of the women know each other but sadness brings them all together. I was hooked on this story from page one. Everything Georgie does has an amusing undertone to it, but as the story moves on you realise that whilst amusing, Georgie always gets things wrong despite trying to do the right thing.

She cooks at home to take away the sadness of being lied to and her potential is obviously being ignored. I love the way none of them know each other, but as the book goes on they all help each other despite dealing with their own personal tragedies which never go away. As the story goes on, they all start to build confidence and strength helped by their relationships with each other. Feb 08, Zoe rated it it was amazing. Absorbing, beguiling, and incredibly touching! This is a heartwarming story that reminds us to always live life to the fullest and never be afraid to try something new.

The prose is effortless. The plot is a wonderful blend of heart, humour and hope. And the characterization is spot on with a wonderful cast of characters, including some strong, determined, courageous women who learn through compassion and friendship to let go of the past and embrace the future.

This is, ultimately, a story about dr Absorbing, beguiling, and incredibly touching! This is, ultimately, a story about dreams, heartbreak, goals, loss, love and finding one's true self and I absolutely adored it.

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  • The House of New Beginnings by Lucy Diamond.

It made me laugh, it made me cry, and in the end it left me smiling. Thank you to NetGalley, especially Publishers Group Canada, for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review. All my reviews can be found on my blog at http: Their stories are told separately up to a certain point and then, around the middle of the book, they start to become interwoven, step by step. I read it almost in one sitting or rather listened to the audiobook narrated by Avita Jay , so it was a real p 4. I read it almost in one sitting or rather listened to the audiobook narrated by Avita Jay , so it was a real page turner for me.

An uplifting read, and with an obligatory happy ending which was one of the reasons I had chosen it , but what made me truly connect with the characters and the plot was the fact that the book was well written, heartfelt and and not shying away from things such as sadness and grief. Each of the women had to forge a new path for herself, and they all did so in a way I personally found credible.

The book made me cry a few times, and overall left me me with a warm feeling in my heart. I particularly enjoyed Margot Faberge - who wouldn't? I have read a few Lucy Diamond books so far, but this one is the best, I think. I might even re-read it in the future. And now I really want to visit Brighton. This was a good book I really enjoyed it and had great characters and good story line.

Lucy diamond never lets you down with her books can everyone find their way in life and start again. Apr 22, Naaz rated it really liked it Shelves: Lucy Diamond is one my many guilty pleasures- I love the way her books are written and there is always something light about them that makes my heart squeeze happily. The novel follows three women who live in the apartments of a grand house in Brighton and their trials and tribulations as they navigate love and life in the city. Though obviously, I do have some issues with the fact that one point of view revolves around keeping a man, there are some wonderful characters in this novel.

It's not r Lucy Diamond is one my many guilty pleasures- I love the way her books are written and there is always something light about them that makes my heart squeeze happily. It's not really something that requires you to think too much, but something you can take with you to the beach or somewhere sunny and just soak up. Definitely for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Jojo Moyes. A beautiful and uplifting story about friendship, starting over, and second chances. May 03, Victoria rated it liked it Shelves: This story took a long time to get into.

I've tried a number of times over the last year or so and this time was determined to persevere. Persevere I did and thankfully have finished it.

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I actually quite like the simplicity and easy listening on audible , as a change from my usual reading choices. Got to know the characters eventually and got into the story but it was very meandering and overly long. It felt like it needed to pick up a bit of pace, get some oomph behind it. The three main charac This story took a long time to get into. The three main characters were reasonably interesting, their back stories made sense and I liked finding out how they each ended up moving to Brighton and ending up in the same house. Some of the story I enjoyed and felt engaged with, some I just tolerated but that was okay as it could play in the background and didn't have to concentrate much.

Some parts are cringe worthy though. As virtually every review on audible has pointed out, the narrator had a pleasant voice when reading the story but wow, she does some dreadful attempts at accents and voices.

The Crowe House by Derek Miller

Not only that, she really goes for broke to act the dialogue, which typically means dim sounding, apparently Yorkshire accents or teeth grating attempts at French accent, or, perhaps the worst, really going for it at being a 5 year old girl. The screeching voices of Northern women on a night out together has stuck with me in particular. I am from the North and I am a woman, yet I recognise nothing about that scenario, the awful way the characters behaved or the utterly bizarre accents they were all given. For that I blame the author and the narrator, equally terrible.

So overall a mixed bag for me. In it's favour I actually finished it. I'm not sure it was worth it as the end was uninspiring and it felt like the story could have just carried on and on in the same wandering style. There were some enjoyable parts to the storyline, read pleasantly. This is balanced out with some awful accents and over acting. I suppose the narrator is enthusiastic and tries hard to liven up a story that lacks a real sense of direction and depth I'd give 2 5 stars overall, story and narration,.

The style is classic: The women in this are sometimes strong and independent, but it's this genre, so of course falling in love usually with a man or rescuing a broken relationship for happy ever after is the key theme.

The Crowe House (New Beginnings)

Despite being set in Brighton, there is seemingly only one LGBT character not a main character either and so their sexuality is barely mentioned other than that it broke up her marriage and dented her ex's masculinity. It's also too long, and of course reasonably predictable once you get to know everyone. But like I say, as this genre goes, this is not bad quality writing and storytelling to some extent.

Mar 08, Hannah Symonds rated it it was amazing. I am a big fan of Lucy Diamond's books and they always seem to put a smile on my face. I love the fact it was set in Brighton as I go there quite alot and there are parts in the book where I know like the lanes. I got really wrapped up with all the residents of the flats lives and kind of felt as though I was one of them too. One of the things with Lucy Diamond's books are I can always find someone I can relate too and I found this with this book too.

A book you just wont want to put down. Apr 09, Sophie rated it it was amazing. Love how Lucy structured the novel letting the reader find out a little more about each character before merging them all together as they get to know each other. The story is written beautifully - would definitely recommend. I love Lucy Diamonds books and this one didn't disappoint. It tells the stories of 3 different women who for one reason or another all find themselves living in different flats in a big old house near the beach in Brighton.

Their stories are believable and sometimes very sad. Other residents are brought into the story. A fantastic cast of characters and a lovely book. This was a bit difficult to get into but once I sorted out the characters it was enjoyable. Jun 09, Jocelyn foxonbooks rated it really liked it. May 16, Joan rated it really liked it. Mar 08, Vickie Richens rated it it was amazing. Love Lucy's book, trouble is I love them so much that I can't put it down, have read it all in one night.

An enjoyable read with a good mix of characters. Feb 16, Ali Bookworm rated it liked it.

See a Problem?

I had been looking forward to this one and it started off really well. I warmed to the characters especially Charlotte but somewhere around the middle I have no idea how or why Iost the plot and lost all interest. However I managed to plough on and finish but have to say I was disappointed in this one. Absolutely delightful, a really lovely story with great characters and a fun storyline.

I thoroughly enjoy reading Lucy Diamond and this is one of her best yet.